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my experiences on this server Empty my experiences on this server

on Tue Oct 22, 2019 6:23 am
I play a while on this server and my conclusion is:
- server is not balanced
- helpfulness on this server - none (unless you get something for it)
- TT farms - forget it - not possible without help
- NW is useless to participate against a group r9 / 3
- BH can not do it alone as a freshman and even after 2 hours you will not find a group
- Most people have 3 or more accounts to do everything alone
- If you would get the blessing elsewhere, no one would vote
- GM events as a newbie do not need to participate at all (no equipment, no tp-stones)
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who has little time and has no opportunity to make 3 accounts (or more) has no chance to achieve something.
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my experiences on this server Empty Re: my experiences on this server

on Wed Oct 23, 2019 11:25 am
i agree with all except for a few things like everyone has 3 accounts its more like 5 or 6 as well as voting as long as alt farming is the method voting for dreamchaser is a must the one thing i would add is rules arent followed from experience ive seen someone with 5 accounts online thou rule is 3 and 2 (questionably 3) in nation wars thou rule is 1 lol also no one looks at forum thou its advertised in red chat every hour u gotta look at discord which will soon change to whichever popular easy to be toxic in program launches and is more popular i like this server but theres no gm active to enforce the rules (not asking to ban every rule breaker) in place just gms to have hide and seek or gm event rank 9 edition its not hard to catch people breaking the alt online rules heres one CHECK THE TRIVIA NPCS AT RESET alts galore in south arch and west
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