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on Fri Sep 20, 2019 11:32 am
So, you've downloaded the client, patched to the latest version, and you've spent a few minutes (or hours) making your character.

You pressed Start.
Now what do you do?

Levels 1-20
You quest! In AzurePW, quests have very increased rates, you'll find the rewards useful, you'll level up quickly and build up some coins and spirit to keep up with all of your skills.
Don't forget to complete your level 9, and 19 Spiritual Cultivations, Spiritual Adept and Aware of Principle.
You'll notice that you receive some event gold upon completion of these quest chains, for a guide on how much you can earn, and how to earn it, check here: Event Gold Guide

If you happen to need any farmable materials for your quests, or just to level up your crafting skills. You'll find that the rates are much higher than normal, e.g collecting just 1 herb will give you at least 10!

Right now we also have Dreamchaser Packs available in the voteshop, to vote just head to the site where you downloaded the client and registered (azurepw.uk) and login to the user panel, you'll find the voting links there, and you'll receive 250 for each one, you'll need 1000 points to purchase the Dreamchaser pack.
The Dreamchaser Pack contains lots of great gear, that will keep you geared up all the way to 50 at least.

Alternatively, if you really don't feel like questing too much, you could collect some event gold from completing your cultivation OR get some gold by donating to the server, and purchase yourself some Hyper EXP stones. You could quickly reach level 30 or higher just by grinding mobs. Remember: You will miss out on lots of quest rewards

Levels 20-39
You're going to spend alot of time doing your Cultivation here, 29 culti Aware of Harmony is one of the longest chains in the game. It will be worth it however!
If you take a look at the event gold guide, you'll find you receive 20 for this one!
Don't forget, once you've completed your 29 culti, you can pick up an FB tab (Call to Duty: Claws) to earn even more event gold. To collect it, you first need to take a quest from General Summer, and then you get the tab itself from Puhui the Taoist nearby. If you can't complete this alone, try asking for help at the discord server, or if you haven't already it might be worthwhile looking for a faction. Don't be afraid to ask, those who help you with these quests are also rewarded, so they'll be happy to help out.

Besides completing your quests, once you move over to Archosaur you'll find that you have a daily quest at the Trivia NPCs. Don't miss out on this, it's a great way to level up a little each day, with just a minute of your time.

Once you reach Level 30, you'll also have another daily quest, Crazy Stone, which with our increased quest rates, can be very rewarding at this level.
And you'll now be able to take part in one of our best events for newer players, Celestial Tigers, which takes place every Monday at 21:00 server time. GMT+1

Finally, for your 39 culti, it might be helpful to know that you can take a quest at the Silver Pool teleporter, which takes you straight up to Heaven's Tear.

Levels 40-90
So, between these levels you have a lot of freedom in how you choose to play.

You'll now be able to do Bounty Hunter quests (for which you will need a squad) and you can enter the Cube of Fate (although it might be tough at level 40!)
Beyond that, you can attend other weekly events such as Jungle Ruins, don't forget to take the quest from the Bounty Hunter before entering!
And, once you're level 60 you could attend Nation Wars to start earning some supply tokens, they'll be very useful later on.

For leveling, questing is still completely viable, including BH quests. Many choose to make use of Oracles and Phoenix Valley as alternatives.

Now, I'll quickly list how Azure might differ from PWI and other servers between these levels.

Things might be getting expensive for you now, upgrading to new gear and keeping up to date with all those skills.
But don't worry, I'm sure you've noticed Dragon Quest items are worth a lot more here, and you can even sell the blood you get from helping in other people's FBs.

If you're still short of money, we have several Coin Bosses around the map, you might have to compete with other players to get them however.
There's 1 in Earthguard lands, 1 near the gates to the City of the Lost, 1 in the sea near Raging Tides, and 1 near the Winged Elf starting area.
Those coin bosses have ALOT of health, so you're going to need a squad or at least some help from other players on the server. But don't worry, the drops are not protected, so if you help out with killing the boss, you can take some of the reward. The bosses in the Celestial Tiger event also drop just like the coin bosses!

If it's just you alone, we have a couple of mini coin bosses roaming the map also, Dodopod and Jewelscalen. They might not drop as much, but they're MUCH faster to kill.

High level instances all have increased drop rates, Twilight Temple in particular has a very high drop rate, making farming some gear relatively easy.

Level 90+

At this point, the game is what you make of it. Endgame gear is Rank 9 3rd recast, for which you'll need to farm Warsong and Lunar.
How you get there, and what you do with it, is totally up to you.

The biggest rewards come from the PvP events, The Tournament, Nation Wars and Territory Wars.

Just be aware before you jump into the server, that we have a few important rules to maintain on the server. Players may have a maximum of 3 characters online simultaneously.
And only 1 character in a PvP event at one time, no multi-clienting in The Tournament, NWs, TWs, Theatre of Blood, Jungle Ruins.

And lastly, I hope that this rule is mostly common sense, there shouldn't be any insuluting, harassment or similar on our server. If things get out of hand, it will be punished.

I hope you enjoy your time here, if you have any more questions I recommend you join our discord server for the quickest response. Discord


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