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Tome suggestion Empty Tome suggestion

on Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:09 am
My suggestion is to greatly lower the cost of tome pages and fragments. 2700 gold for a lvl 6 tome is a little bit absurd in my opinion. Since getting r8(and eventually r9) is main priority for most, getting a proper tome will be ignored since you can get rank 8 and many refines for the same gold.

What in saying is the cost is not really on par with other items. In my opinion the cost should be more like 400-700 gold ish.

And I know Delta rewards have been slight buffed, but it's still not really farmable, since getting a proper squad for Delta is already tough, not to mention you would need tons of runs. Most high levels will prefer to put that time in to WS.

Hope you will consider this, I saw people liked this suggestion on discord earlier.
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