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some may be good some may be bad Empty some may be good some may be bad

on Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:06 am
1. lower r9 related prices (rn i only see 3 ppl with 300k+ rep and i dont even think they have that many parts) maybe someone is crazy farming event gold (dont know how)
2. edit supply stash so it gives something at the bare minimum useful (armor/weap/accesory) there may be more things than just those that would help ppl on his start
3. add more items to vote points shop like other kind of blessings (i think there are a bunch of them) also can add things like skill books or materials (like HH materials or lunar or something like that)
4. nerf phoenix valley mobs damage/hp so ppl can do pv to level up (be it team or solo)
5. lower skills learn/level up cost
6. gold per time logged
7. boost realm of reflection xp/sp earned

for now i only have those suggestions some may be good or bad, some can be doable or not .
also srry for my bad english

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some may be good some may be bad Empty Re: some may be good some may be bad

on Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:28 am
1. No, it is intentionally expensive.
2. I am thinking of re-arranging the supply stash and adding something new,
3. And have always got plans to add new things to the vote shop.
4. Most people can and do use PV already as far as I know. (If others agree, I can make some changes)
5. There should be plenty of ways to gain the spirit and coin needed.
6. No. I don't reward AFKing / multi-clienting.
7. No. As above.

Thanks for your suggestions
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