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Beginner's Guide FAQs Empty Beginner's Guide FAQs

on Fri Jun 07, 2019 1:07 pm
Before we get started, to find a comprehensive list of the ways you can earn event gold take a look here: Event Gold Guide

Should I grind mobs or quest?

When starting out in Azure Perfect World, players should be aware that questing is a very viable way to level up as the rates are greatly increased.
If you do complete quests, you'll be much better off when it comes to coins, grinding won't earn you quite so much money.

Where can I get HP and MP charms?

Make sure to pick up your free charms (up to level 60) from the Harbinger of Fortune Woyn, who can be found in every starter city and South Archosaur.
Beyond level 60, you may need to purchase them from the Event Gold shop.

Where can I find 'item'?

Take a good look through the Event Boutique, besides the NPCs, nearly everything you will need can be found there.

Which events can I participate in?

TW- The biggest event of the week are Territory Wars, taking place from Saturday-Monday at varying times. You must be a member of the faction for 100hrs prior to the event.

NW- Level 60+ and minimum 39 culti. Nation Wars take place each Friday and Sunday at 20:20 server time, and will last until 22:20. Players will compete to claim maps by capturing the flag, the reward is supply tokens.

Find Overseer Aeban to start Nation Wars. Make sure to collect your entry pass from him before the start time.

Celestial Tiger- Level 30+ Takes place every Monday at 21:00 server time. Players must defeat tigers spawned around the starter cities, and then several bosses. Players with the most contribution receive the best rewards, including event gold. The Celestial Tigers NPC spawns in the middle of West Archosaur.

Helpful Tips
1. Don't go it alone! If you need help with an FB (Call to Duty) don't be afraid to ask, everyone is rewarded upon completion, so other players will be happy to help.

2. If you're looking for a herb or other gathered resource for your quest, don't worry it won't take you long, the rates for gathering resources are greatly increased.

3. Keep up to date on your Spiritual Cultivation, the rewards are much improved. You'll get event gold and a large amount of reputation each time you progress.

Also, check-in with the Perfect Questmaster occasionally to pick up some extra rewards for completing 20, 30, 50, 100, 150 and 200 quests.
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Beginner's Guide FAQs Empty Re: Beginner's Guide FAQs

on Fri Jun 14, 2019 12:09 am
thanks for the helpful post, much appreciated !!
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