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Donations for server costs Empty Donations for server costs

on Thu May 02, 2019 6:37 pm
Donations for server costs Bannerazure

You can donate (via PayPal) to keep AzurePW running at the following link:

Make sure to include a note with your username in the donation OR send a private message to myself (AzurePW) here on the forums with your paypal e-mail address and amount donated.

Donations are now automated via the new website at http://azurepw.uk
As a thank you for keeping our community alive, donations will be rewarded as follows(with gold for the in-game boutique):

€1= 4 gold

If you donate €10 or more, you will receive a bonus!

€10= 40 gold (+ 5 gold bonus) = 45 gold
€25= 100 gold (+ 10 gold bonus) = 110 gold
€50= 200 gold (+20 gold bonus) = 220 gold

Please note: as we are simply running a community server, donations will be rewarded with gold within 24hrs but NOT instantly. Thanks for your patience!

Donations are now added instantly at the new website, gold should arrive within 5 minutes.
Our server costs are just €50 each month, every donation counts.
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