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on Sun Apr 28, 2019 11:46 am
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AzurePW Server Information

Key Features:

Our server version is 1.4.6 with 5 races and 10 classes. (tideborn & earthguard)
Low Rates (2x EXP, 4x SP and 5x Coin)
Imroved Quest Rates (2x EXP, 4x SP, 5x Coin)
No pay-to-win (Nearly everything can be obtained in-game via the Event boutique)
Event Gold rewards for culti, BH, FB (Increased Event Gold rewards as you increase your cultivation level)
Custom drop rates for mobs and resources (e.g Twilight Temple bosses drop more materials, twlight temple chests yield more materials. Gathering resources in the world, such as Sandstone, provide an increased drop rate also!)

Additional information:

The venomancer pet exp chart has been edited to allow easy levelling of pets.
DQ items and other drops are worth their original amount, rather than 1 coin.

For our latest in-game rules, take a look here:
In-Game Rules
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